yes stranger, stories!

read’em and lik’em, or siggimus’ll hunt you down and sing to you. siggimus knows where you live!


the perilous tale of the whoosis, and its adventures in the great wilderness


the adventures of hannibal the great!

in technicolor!

now also made famous in bulgaria!! just try to mention siggimus’ nomer or hannibal to a bulgarian…


read all about how tom met linda, and how they all lived happily ever after, going to the toilet once in a while


read this tantalizing story of a modern job, and how he finds help in the unlikeliest place

sorta plan z from earth?

not story

but a shocking revelation that has turned the world of shakespearian research upside down!

a web siggimus scoop!

some pottery by shakespeare

not story either

but one of siggimus’s largest curses

siggimus seems to be plagued with german e-mails

reply included at no extra cost to you


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