for those of you who have expressed their fears

no, siggimus was not blown up yesterday

but he was headed there, about 20 minutes after it happened, but couldn’t get through the hoards of policecars and ambulances and fire engines and policemen and people and little yellow plastic lines that are always stretched all over the place whenever something interesting happens
[if you don’t know, it turns out that two bombs exploded in the rimi supermarket, in the centrs mall, some 10 minutes apart. siggimus believes between 20-30 people were injured, 3 of those seriously
there was no warning, and noone has claimed responsibility]

and again, no, siggimus is not scared, and siggimus is not packing his bags

don’t go far! siggimus will be back after this weekend from siggimus’ sponsors with:

-new address
-essay on rigan pigeons
-other stuff

sveiki/uz redzezanos!
-siggimus the fearless
ps: where’s all the money???!??!

ps2: siggimus hasn’t needed his umbrella for over a week now!!


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