post scriptum: brave new siggimus

siggimus has made it to the land of ice & fire & is presumably still alive
as you may gather, siggimus is not a happy siggimus

but nevermind that!!

’cause all that matters right now is celebrating siggimus day

siggimus day

january 26 is, according to the latvian calendar, namesday for zigurds & sigurds (nobody told siggimus that there was such a thing as sigurds, so he went around telling everybody to call him zigis >:()


this means that some violent celebrating is in order

everybody who can lift a mitten is supposed to go to vagners’, riga, between 13.00 & 16.00 on friday, order a double espresso (&, of course, a little something for everybody who can lift a mitten), & place double espresso on miniature handmade altarish thingy, at siggimus’ table (third one on the left from the back) where everybody will previously have placed a lifesize effigy of siggimus

then everybody will take up chanting homemade jingles, wishing siggimus the best in life in the small but witty lyrics
(videotapes of the ceremonies should be sent to siggimus with written transcripts)

those of you who cannot make it are invited to go thither: & type “siggimus” (without the parentheses) in the tiny little box there on the screen & then press submit for some siggimus magic

please join siggimus in bitching about the fact that they don’t have lowercase letters

go siggimus!
ps: siggimus is planning to start campaigning to the un for an international siggimus day. anyone know kofi annan?

[24 january 2001]


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