siggimus wasn’t having enough fun twiddling his toes, so he packed his bag, & went fun-hunting. found some, in humongous quantities in riga, latvia. nearly overdosed, in fact

to keep the planet informed, siggimus at times donated a bit of his extremely precious & expensive time to chronicling his frolicking

only here, & nowhere else in the entire universe as you know it, can you find all of these funs had by siggimus so meticulously documented

the return of siggimus

-new job
-new place (more kustiging)
-other reunion
-siggimus adds an agent & acquires even further fame in eastern europe
-other new job

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siggimus of the world

-a sorry excuse for a newsletter
-some interesting stuff on cucumber season
-the encounter with the silly lift
-but mostly alerts of updates on web siggimus…

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leaving reykjavik

-a saturday night in siggimus history. clouded by some sorta amnesia
-a drunk (prophety?)
-the siggimus advice column

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ps: brave new siggimus

-ever so post scriptum
-siggimus day

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hell – a survivor’s tale

-siggimus pays the price of leaving riga…
-not for the faint of heart

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the siggimus something

-bad day in siggimus lore
-good night in siggimus lore
-abscondation party announced & invited to. with further threats & program

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the siggimus weakly

-drunken debauchery
-new & improved siggimus hobby

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the globe & siggimus

-barely & heroically surviving 3 days in latvian hospital! hardly a complaint at all…
-swimming breaststroke with the large fish of the riga underground!
-one of the importantest announcements in recentest history, complete with ferocious threats!

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the siggimus times

-siggimus poses as spiderman the burglar
-moviemarathon: 36 pcs. in 8 days
-rekustiging/recohabilitation (removing?). no complaint at all to speak of this time

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news of siggimus!!

-the siggimus commute
-gvido, glorious timepiece
-siggimus, media mogul (dare siggimus say oligarch??!?)

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the siggimus gazette

-sveiki & stuff
-do you know?
-sept. 1; hot chicks & men in skirts
-waiting for the variousest phones to go off at the movies
-& siggimus’ new place + the tiniest of complaints

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for those of you who still haven’t expressed your fears

-what’s with eastern european pigeons??!?
-& the tv!!
-tsk! tsk!
-new address (that has, through various tricks played on it by time in its passing, become obsolete)

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for those of you who have expressed your fears

-siggimus’ brave survival of two violent & terrible explosions which just possibly might have been aimed at him personally

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siggimus ir kustigs

-about siggimus’ kustiging
-& then a snippet or two from the first few weeks…

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