can you find yourself a siggimus, you may ask

thank you for asking, you’ll find siggimus in all of these places:


siggimus thinks it’s evil that when you ask google about siggimus, google asks if you mean ‘sigg imus’. who or what the eff is sigg imus??

bing just answers the question, as does yahoo & even cuil (rip), not that anyone knows what that is. nor would you know about dogpile, although you’ve probably heard of ask. but not webcrawler

here in iceland, leit.is is just out grazing on mushrooms or something, as the first 782 links point to a page that hasn’t been around for a few years….

oh & btw, siggimus is famous!!

siggimus (or maybe bjössi?) is famous on gawker!!
yessirreebob, that would appear to be a siggimus picture of a smoking bjössi at jói & valdís’ wedding

siggimus was on bookshelf of the week (of course!)

we must not forget the weird and wonderful hotel in karosta. which is on this Mexican list of the five most interesting places in the world (una antigua prisión soviética convertida en hotel). on this russian page, siggimus has 5/6 pics. here’s a Greek page no the 20 strangest hotel rooms in the world

one of siggimuses pics of the hill of crosses in lithuania

siggimuses pic of the revolution in iceland has traveled far and quite wide – even to Norway!

there’s also eyjafjallajökull

and snorralaug (they may not have noticed the inflated cow)

and here’s something …

and of course you want a picture of siggimuses beloved to illustrate news of a gas mask shortage in israel…

On Radio Canada, Jonathan Goldstein has the show WireTap. One of the episodes was called The Liar

In Latvia you can find Cinevilla, built as a set for the film Defenders of Latvia, in 2004

L’Islande veut supprimer sa demande d’adhésion à l’UE sans référendum, or so it seems. That translates to Iceland postpones withdrawal of EU application

This piece on the founders of Skype, has a picture of Valli Baar, the infamous home of the notorious drink Millimallikas

This page on Seljavallalaug has lotsa pictures

Turns out siggimus knows a thing or two about transforming your balcony into a serene oasis

For all those wondering how to Ksi?gowo?? online, there’s help!

Here’s a pic of Fjaðrárglúfur

Then there’s the Riezupe sand caves in Kuldiga, Latvia

siggimus doesn’t remember the alien being there, but it must have


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