siggimus recently discovered a treasure

well, it was actually the wife that made the discovery, but anyhoo, turns out that 10 years ago, siggimus purchased one of these babies in latvia:

lomo smena symbol

that’s a genuine lomo (leningradskoje optiko-mechanicheskoje objedinenije) smena symbol, a real life, made in the ussr gem, that sells for good money these days. from lomography.com:

the word “smena” (CMEHA) is roughly translated into “young generation” in english. true to its name, the smena line of cameras were designed to provide inexpensive, accessible, and excellent photography tools to the hard-working young soviets of the time. manufactured by the legendary lomo production house of st. petersburg […] the first smena model rolled out of assembly in 1952. the popularity of this line was so enduring that smenas continued to be produced until the early 90’s. many a famous and infamous* photographer, both inside and outside of the ussr, have first cut their chops on a smena’s full manual controls.

one does not lomo alone, so siggimus signed up to the lomography community

having discovered this little gem, siggimus needed film!

after a bit of rummaging, an expired 400 asa kodak film was discovered & promptly stuffed in. finally, the results are in:

30 & siggimus
accidental double exposure. explains why the film seemed endless

*the infamous photographer was lee harvey oswald, who shot jfk in the non-camera kind of way

ps: siggimus also bought a lomo lubitel 2, but doesn’t have any film for that one 🙁

lomo lubitel 2 (type 3a-2)

picture & info comes from here


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