siggimus vs the cows

  • andrew bird et st vincent

    soirée de poche 🙂 andrew bird does effigy, tenuousness & natural disaster st vincent does what me & black [via]

  • knitted boots

    boot knitter, originally uploaded by siggimus. ms siggimus has transmogrified into a wee boot knitter

  • can’t say

    can’t say, originally uploaded by siggimus. siggimus didn’t try! (with thom yorke in ears, singing i’m not here this isn’t happening)

  • 7up

    7up, originally uploaded by siggimus. milk & bubbly bubbly what more could you possibly want?

  • damn you!

    damn you!, originally uploaded by siggimus. leave siggimus alone!

  • fossvo

    fossvo, originally uploaded by siggimus. gskirkj

  • good footwear

    good footwear, originally uploaded by siggimus. is imperative when you’re doing a mini-hike to work through snow & sludge tindersticks showering you with their depression doesn’t hurt either: i had shoes full of holes when you first took me in tindersticks – a night in i had shoes full of holes when you first took…

  • shame about the music

    real cool video shame about the music. you might remember these guys as ‘the guys from the treadmill video’ so they’ll be known as the guys with the videos they should call these short films & sell the songs as ‘the song from that short film …’

  • spiders

    spiders, originally uploaded by siggimus. (with kidsmoke!) give an excellent boost when you’re walking with a wee snowstorm in your back the two cyclists siggimus met were less than enthusiastic, the dude risked life & limb bravely (idiotically?) cycling on the slushy street & the dudette found that dragging the bike after her was easier…

  • wilhelm

    caution! movies will never be the same after you watch this [via] [more on wilhelm & other movie clichés]

  • fear of a female planet?

    fear, baby! i mean, are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression? just the kool thing to orient you on a cold morning when sitting backwards on the bus makes you a bit disorientated kool thing sittin’ with a kiddie now you know you’re sure lookin’ pretty like a lover not a…

  • have one on me

    the new (triple!!) album from joanna newsom, have one on me, is out! now have one [exclusive listen] on me [well, siggimus] (if thingy doesn’t work – head on over to here) update: got thingy to work, but it’s only the first song, so hurry on over to toute de suite!