february 2003

whooppee [28 february 2003]

another buffalo trip

yet again siggimus is forced to drink at work


den off to sólon for some unforced drinking & happy merriment. turns out there’s loads of chicks all over want to work with siggimus & co. not surprising, eh…

den off again over to thorvaldsenbar

merry indeed 🙂

cancelled [27 february 2003]

for first time in history, there is no football


really [26 february 2003]

much better. much, much better. quite excellent in fact

this time takes b

not quite [25 february 2003]

goes to movies w/ überkolla. lotsa gore

doesn’t [23 february 2003]

go to work

t’ain’t easy

phew! [22 february 2003]

realising he’s turned in some 80 hours of work in 7 days, siggimus decides to take it easy

back to his old self [20 february 2003]

siggimus & team vanquish the opposition

it was a humiliating experience…

zzzzzzzzz [18 february 2003]


13 hours worth

uffa [18 february 2003]

teeters on the edge of a nervous breakdown upon discovering that he has just erased 4 hours’ worth of work

tears form

den helena appears as an angel & asks about something

eventually comes home from work

puha [17 february 2003]

is cruelly flogged on in gym

den off to work

definitely not siggimus’ week [16 february 2003]

i.e. the one that’s starting now

fuck [14 february 2003]

siggimus barely manages to stop himself from removing this godsawful day from the calendar

this is by no means an admission of the buggers’ right to exist, just that tampering with the time space continuum is a messy business…

let us all hope & pray the evening will turn out a wee bit better

loser [13 february 2003]

loses in lousiest performance in aeons!

looking at de bright side, didn’t get cramps :/

yeee haaaw! [10 february 2003]

date is set

wedding on

may 3rd

siggimus gotta start making arrangements…

now the big question is: turkey too?

hehe [9 february 2003]

has quite an excellent night with b, going to theatre


the socks came to good use

not a bad pair

not bad at all

sitter [8 february 2003]

sits again

dis time da sentence is about as harsh as last time

treat! [7 february 2003]

attends commercial wc, courtesy of white house

here you can find siggimus’ favourite. & in case you want to buy it…

(oh, & just in case you were wondering…)

free beer all over da place & tiny squares of thick sandwich

impressedly meets creators of alli

den off to sticks ‘n sushi for some sticks & sushi in the delightful company of two insurance salespeople

finally over to thorvaldsen’s bar, where siggimus points out the usefulness of being michael jackson-filthy-rich: dis means siggimus can hire people to go to bars & sit in the best seats until siggimus comes

if he comes

hmmmm??? [6 february 2003]

siggimus loses first game in aeons

yet another attempt… [3 february 2003]

on siggimus’ life

air conditioning system at work tries to smother siggimus & bake him raw

siggimus, tired as he is from spending far too large a portion of the night on the telephone, stubbornly survives

party at b’s [1 february 2003]

to farewell johann & philip, b throws a farewell party

inviting a lot of them people from that sleep study place. interesting stories of people with sleep disorders

there was soup

there was beer

whiskey 😀

there was singing

there was talking on telephone

for a looooong time

buys socks [1 february 2003]

more later

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january 2003

surprise!! [31 january 2003]

ovs farewelled with a surprise party at keg’s

siggimus actually manages to miss the event itself (supposedly priceless) on account of lift-giver’s tardiness, but does however manage to enjoy the night, with all the metallica & the stories of ovs’s youthful pranking around

cats strike again [28 january 2003]

this time with an attempt on life of bonnie

having turned in early (responsibilities of familyhood kicking in) siggimus wakes up to a terrified parrot’s shrieks

‘what up, little one?’ siggimus asks

before bonnie manages to cry out his fretful answer, siggimus sees head of cat peeking inside

‘begone, foul creature of the night,’ siggimus curses the beast & it scuttles off, tail betwixt hind legs

‘there there’

‘there there’

for the next 20 mins: ‘there there’

bonnie!! [26 january 2003]

bjössi comes bringing a dear gift!!

after 4 years, bjössi decides to pass on his dear friend & parrot, bonnie, to a most willing siggimus

so, siggimus is the proud owner of a parrot

& it’s looking like the beginning of a beautiful friendship already 🙂

more soon!!

daddying [25 january 2003]

buying tiny pistols that shoot tiny pellets of potato for 8 year olds isn’t such a great idea afterall…

at least if you do your own vacuuming


stay wayyyy clear of this horror!

siggimus on tv!! [23 january 2003]

getting front row seats at that music award thingy, it turns out siggimus turned up on tv a bit

gets hot chick’s number! [23 january 2003]

through a series of events that won’t be gotten into at this stage, siggimus gets really hot chick’s number

oh, man!! [22 january 2003]

a beer would be just the thing right about now

siggimus & spet wonder [22 january 2003]

which comes first, country music or braindeath?

go grænir frostpinnar 😀 [20 january 2003]

go grænir frostpinnar 😀

that explains it! [20 january 2003]

finds note from fortune cookie from friday night

(: don’t worry about the schedule—just have fun 🙂

that must be the reason siggimus drank all dem beers friday night…

finally! finally! finally! [19 january 2003]

at long fucking last!

you have absolutely no idea how long siggimus has waited for this


😐 [18 january 2003]


hmmm [18 january 2003]

stalking me — stalking you


überputerfixer 😀 [18 january 2003]

skillfully inserts a brand new power supply into puter & tah-dah!! it works 😀

man! siggimus really is a genius, eh?

oooooooooooooolalala!!!! [17 january 2003]

it’s that time again 😀

time for the mc fc celebration again


a most enjoyable prospect, seeing as siggimus was last season’s champion, lending kjo a crushing blow that time

anyhoo, good prospects, a few obligatory beers at work, den off to drink some more beers at the party. having been a good boy, siggimus is only fined 3 beers, which is way below the average

well, doesn’t get cup, but does on other hand get an electric toothbrush (a subtle hint, hidden somewhere, possibly?) & a fancy document stating that siggimus was the best of the best

no frame, though. all the other buggers who got such diplomas got them in frames 🙁

so, beer is drunk

all of it

actually we coulda used some more of the stuff

& siggimus is ordered by boss to lie on floor & given a toe-massage :/

damn! that thing works

eeeek!!! [16 january 2003]

coming home from what is possibly the longest streak of victory in sports history, siggimus finds the mousehole dark & lifeless

right away, siggimus suspects old man landlord of foul play, seeing as he seems rather intent on siggimus not having a washing machine

anyhoo, a friendly & not-letting-ony old man landlord turns juice back on & siggimus returns to his hole, to find that everything works, except… woe is siggimus!!

puter fried 😐

this makes things all the more confusing, as this increases the number of suspects. siggimus has powerful enemies, you know

mighty powerful

so, the latest theory assumes that the lion has finally stirred & arisen after a long & eerie silence

that doggone cia at it again

siggimus might have to come up with a new curse, eh?

kjo begs for mercy [16 january 2003]

kjo, complaining that he hasn’t won a game since november, when siggimus accused him of paying the wily lawyer to take him outta commission, & asked that siggimus release him from the curse

not that siggimus admits to having done such a thing, but smiles toward kjo in a way that indicates the possibility of the matter being taken under consideration

possible autobiograpy titles [15 january 2003]

-the naked stalker
-bluff your way in stalking
-my life as a stalker
-a portrait of the stalker as a young man
-stalker in the rye
-stalking peaks
-farewell my stalker
-stalk another day
-a stalker before christmas
-the anatomy of stalking
-the stalker always rings twice
-driving miss stalker
-my beautiful stalker
-four stalkers & a funeral

turns out siggimus’ b2b (that would be code for á, siggimus’ bride2b. must be careful, computers have eyes) is an ex stalker

& quite good at it actually

now there’s a thing that can come in handy

wooof!! [15 january 2003]

works like dog

hmmm [14 january 2003]


haha!! [11 january 2003]

jón bróðir up there with the hero himself 😀

minnas aplenty [10 january 2003]

turns out siggimus’ minna isn’t the only minna. there’s lotsa minnas. some of’em even outta this world!

🙂 [9 january 2003]

here’s a little something to cheer up your day

cleans mousehole 😐 [8 january 2003]

siggimus still ain’t quite clear what brought this on, but while the results of the tests are inconclusive, siggimus speculates it’s the responsibilities kicking in

the decision to have children with á has definitely changed siggimus for the better

gone is the flippant foolery, in comes a sound, decisive young man, a man ready to shoulder the responsibilities following procreations

now all that remains to be seen is whether he’ll like á up close

whoa nelly! [7 january 2003]

even nelly furtado feels sorry for siggimus!! sending him a mail asking; are you married & lonely or single & dateless?

:/ how did she know?

thank you nelly furtado

ewwww [5 january 2003]


doesn’t [4 january 2003]

go to borgarnes

siggif invites siggimus along, & siggimus is indeed tempted, as a grand exhibition of his globe trekking is opening in borgarnes art museum & a fine night can be counted on to follow in grand company

again, the doggone siggimus back is to blame for all of siggimus’ misfortunes

jodaz visits [3 january 2003]

being lonely, jodaz pops over for a chat

being a foul & evil creature of darkness, siggimus gives him a drop of whiskey or 2. them drops soon get a beer-prone jodaz drunk


then all go to kaffibrennslan to meet up with siggif & øyvind & some danish dude siggimus didn’t catch the name of

jodaz soon bails. apparently to get hit on & an autograph by megas

*trumpet* [1 january 2003]

takes it easy

happy new one, all! [1 january 2003]

may this one be as good as you deserve

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december 2002

*trumpet* [31 december 2002]

takes it easy

tihi! [30 december 2002]

“i am an excellent poofreader”
-found in a lonesome cv’

i know the answer! the answer lies within the heart of all mankind!
the answer is twelve? i think i’m in the wrong building’
– charles schulzsome cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go

kiwi [30 december 2002]

siggimus da world’s largest kiwi?

trouble with fridge!! [28 december 2002]

siggimus has trouble locating his beer in fridge ’cause the light don’t work

*buuuuuuuuurp!* [28 december 2002]

erm… excuse siggimus?

überputerfixer [28 december 2002]

called upon to fix sis’ puter


dis time it’s seriously messed up & the artillery is called for. dis might take a while *rolls up sleeve*

jodaz visited [27 december 2002]

with a sixpack

forgot da whiskey

after quite a wait, b g turns up & is duly impressed by jodaz’ downloading everything he asks for in legoland

soon after jonkurteiz drops by with maria & all have a boogie

den off to iluks’ where ego is got drunk in front of 1 of iluks’ puters & drives around. funnily enough the bugger seems like a better driver drunk than sober

dat’s good to know about a professional driver

pizza is ordered & a desultory jodaz takes 23 mins to eventually leave. pissed, as always that the gang doesn’t instantly join him in the exodus to 22 the second he raises the issue. well, tough

wow! [26 december 2002]

“i live in a house made entirely from tin, with four tin walls, a roof of tin, a chimney and a door. entirely from tin”

uffa! [25 december 2002]

quite a rollercoaster ride

hmmm [24 december 2002]

colourful bunch

happy [24 december 2002]

mas y’all!!

may you all get what you want & have a jolly old time!!

tihi! [24 december 2002]

web siggimus attracts all sorts of weirdos 😀

doesn’t buy washing machine [22 december 2002]

does, on the other hand, buy a fridge

now siggimus has two fridges

first, of course there’s the tiny fridge that houses 9 small beercans

second, there’s the new old one, that could house them 9 small beercans & the tiny fridge & some more beer!!!


sweet heaven

now all dats left to do is go buy lots & lots of beer

tanx to snæja, her egg & their little’uns for da fridge

hmmm [21 december 2002]


but meeting with j & f was definitely worth the money. several beers & a good time had by all, except siggimus who was accidentally driving & stayed off the booze

tsk tsk [20 december 2002]

instead of a shiny cup, siggimus is met with scorn & the vicious tongues of envious fellow players, who have great trouble coping with other people’s successes

siggimus #1 [19 december 2002]

it’s official!!

siggimus is the undisputed champion of the grand ole fc mc club

admittedly siggimus wasn’t quite up to his best, but his teammates pulled him ashore

siggimus is expecting a large golden cup with his name on it in big beautiful letters in the morning

mitä? [18 december 2002]

the finnish smurfs do the ketchup song?

& gailezers!!!

‘toss me!’ [16 december 2002]

none the worser for being seen again so soon again

countryside visited [14 december 2002]

siggif da farmer invited siggmus & all & sundry to come visit at the farm

siggimus jumped at this chance to be in nature again & manages to convince jonkurteiz & ego to join him in the quest

da search for live midget poultry goes foul, on account of siggimus’ measly contacts in the reykjavik underworld

anyhoo, siggif da farmer is a gracious host, cooking & drinking other people’s beer

great fun is had & pots of alcohol is drunk

the macallan goes down smoothlike & keeps siggimus & siggif the farmer up chatting ’till the wee hours, while the wimmin’ surrender soon after midnight

retiring, siggif, whose woman is off in eastern germany (& preggers, it turns out! der’s a little siggif comin´!), passes out on the mattress earlier offered to siggimus, leaving the slightly less comfy sofabed thingy for siggimus

way too few hours later, siggimus wakes up to find the mattress bare & so decides to take his saharan-dry throat down to the comfier mattress for a bit more sleeping

about an hour later siggimus wakes up from a dream of hairdryers to find his hair being violently blown upon through a vent in the floor, a part of the siggif da farmer’s intricate thingy of heating system. apparently it involves a noisy contraption starting with a roar once in a while, heating up & drying air before squirting it into all kinds of rooms all over da place. all dis regulated by a thermostat on the wall in the livingroom, da largest & coldest room in da house, not taking into account wee little rooms with closed windows & siggimuses inside

well, anyhoo

must do dat again soon

ooooooo!! [14 december 2002]


that was about the shortest 3 hours ever!!

warmup [13 december 2002]

watches first one to get into da mood

!!! [12 december 2002]

what are these people on?!!?

hrmpf!! siggimus ain’t at top >:(

you be judge: which is better? this or this?

or these buggers?!!?

cooooool!! [11 december 2002]

try it!!

tihi! [11 december 2002]


mmmmmm [10 december 2002]

definitely worth it!!

‘we´ve bred all our kittens white | so you can see them in the night’

‘don’t push me
don’t push me
it’s a wild world’

a rockin’ way to end a concert 🙂

even an added verse

oh, the humanity!!!! [10 december 2002]

not that the choice was very difficult, but why, why, why, why, why, why?????

why, in the name of all that’s holy, is siggimus asked to make such a choice?!!?

1 vs. 2

at least tonight should be good

aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!! [9 december 2002]

the horror!! the horror!!

rhinotillexomania [9 december 2002]

yet another thing siggimus is afflicted with :/

not that it’s much of a pain 😀

😐 [8 december 2002]

freaky shit!!

phone rings: *drrrrriiiiinnnnggg!!*

siggimus picks up


noone there



‘aren’t you supposed to do some heavy breathing or something?’


siggimus turns down the volume on taraf de haïdouks on telly

erm…? same happens on da oder end!!


slowly a lightbulb goes off in da siggimus head, with a litle buzz

siggimus hesitantly puts other hand in pocket, pulling out da siggimus mobile


der’s da culprit!!

damn sneaky little siggimus mobile, making prank calls to siggimus from the confines of his pocket!!

ball [7 december 2002]

a bit clumsy sometimes, but nice hooters!! 😀

b g again [7 december 2002]

much the same as usual, a few beers, some coffee, some cave

cripple billy [6 december 2002]

sees another play. this 1 by that irish dude

liked that other 1 much better, siggimus must say

cave autograph!!! [6 december 2002]

turns out siggimus got nick cave’s autograph a while back!!

the cave was laughing & making jolly, so siggimus whipped out all his cds & asked his autograph. of course the king obliges, but writes his name in a very odd manner, so it doesn’t even fit on da cd!!

soon after dis, b woke up

siggimus hasn’t been able to find them cds anywhere 🙁

whatthefuck?!? [5 december 2002]

what on earth are these people doing checking out web siggimus???

ne ne ne ne ne [5 december 2002]

kiss siggimus’ pungent feet

give him 8 pots of money

promise him your firstborn


be a real hot chick & seduce him thrice

be 2 not quite so hot chicks & seduce him thrice

& you might be considered for the seat next to siggimus on dec. 12 at 14.00


[4 december 2002]

again, doesn’t see the latest bond flick

trims nails instead


quoth siggimus [3 december 2002]

you’re not the brightest bulb on the christmas tree

b g drops in [2 december 2002]

doesn’t bring any beer

brings something much better

wiiiiide griin!

siggimus da steamroller [1 december 2002]

going to mom’s for the weekly laundry treatment, siggimus is hijacked & put to work on a gingerbread house

being practically an expert in this area, siggimus rises to the occasion & transforms himself into a steamroller & flattens the dough

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october 2002

big day [26 october 2002]

takes it easy on this big day, birth of siggimus, first day of winter & first snow in reykjavík celebrated

well, didn’t celebrate the snow very much, but…

always a pleasant day, siggimus gets to hear from a lot of people; mommy calls; ágústa sends postcard with used teaching woman; krumma calls (has to be reminded, but still); slavena calls, but only gets answering machine 🙁 ; seyma sends sms; björn greets on msn; maus & sonia on icq; jds calls, but is totally ignorant of the importance of the day; r sends sms just when siggimus is about to give up on her

just takes it easy, makes a potent brew of coffee, has a snúður & a tebolla

then meets krumma for a bite at súfistinn

coming back to rent a flick

siggimus notices that nature puts on a show for him, aurora borealis doing a bit of dance as he walks to the video store

yeeee-haaaa!! [25 october 2002]

party on!

heads on over to óðinn & helga with jonkurteiz & bjössi gaga to warm up for a big concert!

the smallest venue they ever played, only about 300 people in the upper floor of grand rokk

but they was great anyways 😀

siggimus & jonkurteiz stand right next to the stage, close enough to touch 2 of the bandmembers & spit on the rest (had they been of a spitting inclination)

anyhoo, they puts on a grand show, excellent

a lot of avid fans want to be where siggimus is & the front of the stage is pretty crowded, meaning that if one dances, all dance

funny how most of them buggers doesn’t look very much like a rockstar

one of’em infact reminded both siggimus & stefanv of a mary, of an englishteaching persuasion (cf. sólþurrkað múrmeldýr)

sillily enough, her name is actually mary 😐

but she rocks!

oh yeah, aoq was der too

them rocks

digs the latin lyrics & the appa-dance

lotr [25 october 2002]

siggimus begins the warmup 🙂

time for a new lesson? [23 october 2002]

“war is god’s way of teaching americans geography”

said one ambrose bierce, american satirist & clever dude apparently

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! 🙂 [23 october 2002]

*finishes reading*

mmmmmmm!! [22 october 2002]


mmmm [21 october 2002]


babysits [19 october 2002]

yet again, superherocostume is donned for some 24 hours of taking care of little andri


well, pretty much all he’s interested in is da puter & spider-man da game

siggimus scores a few points with a few slices from pizza hut & simpson’s socks & a pooping sheep

so, things go great (not at all surprising, really) & andri isn’t too happy about leaving

obligatory beer drinking again [18 october 2002]


fortunately the last time this year that siggimus is obliged to stay after work & help purge the world of beer

anyhoo, a few of the cool colleagues decide to head on over to sonja’s for a wee party

a very successful one at that

the bathroom being unlockable makes for some pretty interesting incidents, such as the entirety of sonja’s shower

lots of people, lots of booze & lots of fun

too much fun for some, actually

stories of buggers being carried home by friends, buggers falling asleep in taxis before managing to utter the destination, 7 broken glasses, cigarette burns & flying down stairs

bjössi & beer [17 october 2002]

bjössi gaga is pretty eager to come visit siggimus & even offers to bring a beer or so for siggimus

he’s alone for a week now & so proud of not drinking anything at all last night, that he buys a sixpack & invites himself to siggimus to celebrate

cool chats, although bg is still bitching about the lack of music 😐

drriiingg!! [15 october 2002]


sod off, you old fart!

whoa!! [14 october 2002]

what the fuck is that, who invited it into casa siggimus & does it really need all those legs???

phone rings!! [14 october 2002]

but siggimus isn’t inga 🙁

überputerfixer [13 october 2002]

finishes debugging the other puter & sets up a third one for going online

of course wearing da superhero siggimus costume

puterfixer [12 october 2002]

dons superhero siggimus costume & fixes one puter (well, debugs) & starts to debug another

bjössi gaga [11 october 2002]

bjössi gaga comes for a visit, bringing a sixpack of heineken

da ole looney is happy to have siggimus in da neighbourhood

but dat goes without saying, right?

interior decorating [10 october 2002]

with assistance of technical advisor

things is starting to look promising

movies [8 october 2002]

manages to get kolla out of her house for a movie

den dey goes to apótek where she tells grand stories of her insane relatives in de us over cappuccino & beer

kustiging [6 october 2002]

dis ain’t funny no more

anyhoo, siggimus has a new crib

the definition of tiny. but as long as siggimus can toss & turn in bed & take showers, he’s happy

well, relatively

when he’s set up a desk, bought a bigger fridge & a washing machine & got rid of the cat piss smell, he’ll be in sweet heaven

thanks [6 october 2002]

takes jonkurteiz for hot chocolate & tuna bread at the gray cat as thanks for moving-help

at gray cat, megababe andrea róberts sees fit to look toward siggimus every so often

probably to make sure he was checking her babehood out

do dese people stop existing if noone is checking dem out?

uncertainty trip [5 october 2002]


the funnest time siggimus has had in ages!!

der was beer

der was cliff-somethinging (climbing down a 15-20m high cliff with only a rope & an odd set of shorts to sit in) puh!! some scary shit!!

but siggimus was big hero, of course

der was eating

den later der was de siggimus games; gunna winning a little cognac

den der was drinking & singing & dancing & some crotchgrabbing


sis’ birthday & sober boogey [4 october 2002]

after eating with sis & family, siggimus drives out to jds’s joint to join him, iluks & jonkurteiz for a little boogey, although sober

good, healthy fun

anuptaphobia [2 october 2002]

has growing fears that he is slipping into anuptaphobia

well, at least that’s preferable to albuminurophobia, or levophobia

🙁 [2 october 2002]

has to return car


inga!!! [1 october 2002]

gets call from inga!!


been a while

she sends her regards to all 🙂

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september 2002

🙂 [28 september 2002]

having mulled it over for 20 days, da old geezer finally decides siggimus is worth it & can have his tiny little studio apartment

siggimus is ecstatic

quite thrilled

this place fits siggimus like a glove because it’s so close to his work that he’ll be able to walk! & of course because it’s fair cheap

news of new address soon

finally!!! [24 september 2002]

the big day has come!!

siggimus has been working on a cute little web for a 3rd party & the price was agreed upon as 25 big ones

a few days later, after a quest lasting 10 years, siggimus finally hears of turtles for sale

two little buggers, 2 years old, fishtank, pump & ultraviolet light (another thing siggimus wouldn’t mind having)

price: 25 big ones



siggimus doesn’t think so!!

still, dem things lives to be ca. 40, so this calls for a lifetime commitment!! worse than finding a chick, actually :/

so now the big question is: a parakeet (puh!) & siggimus.is or two turtles that will swim around inside a fishtank for the next 38 years?

what do you think?

siggimus [22 september 2002]

is a survivor
is not gon give up
is not gon stop
is gon work harder
is a survivor
is gonna make it
will survive
keep on survivin’

bring it on!

siggimus has passed the test & now has an official permit allowing him to have 10 kids

wanna help siggimus?

oh! the humanity!! [21 september 2002]

siggimus lets his little (b)rat of a nephew to talk him into allowing a friend to stay over

apart, they are 2 handfuls each

together, they are the equivalent of 17,3 handfuls

siggimus puts all on the line: should he survive, he will give himself a certificate stating he is qualified to have up to 11 children of his own; should he perish, there will be no worries about future

so, if there are no further updates to this wee annal, you will know that siggimus was at last bested

callipyge [17 september 2002]

scientists have discovered an elusive mutated gene that causes certain sheep to have unusually large, muscular bottoms. the gene is called “callipyge,” meaning “beautiful buttocks” in greek. researchers from the u.s. dep. of agriculture and duke uni medical c. hope the genetic mutation will illuminate how muscle and fat are deposited in these animals and possibly in humans. the unusual gene, which has evaded detection for nearly a decade, could prove beneficial because it enables these sheep to convert food into muscle 30 percent more efficiently than normal sheep. “these sheep are, in effect, pumping iron without lifting weights,” researcher randy jirtle said. time to throw out the thigh master and get some big-bottomed sheep genes


definitely a word to memorise

well, siggimus always said sheep were special

booogey! [13 september 2002]

siggimus is required to drink a lot of beer at work


well, after a jolly good time with the colleagues, siggimus absconds for a jolly good time with the ole gang at norræna húsið

suprising amounts of fun 🙂

party on! [12 september 2002]

after a great spot of football (siggimus scoring a record 3 goals!!), siggimus takes jonkurteiz to see xxx rottweiler & quarashi live in concert

rottweilers were a wee bit of a dissappointment, didn’t live up to expectations (which were high, btw)

but quarashi made up for that & then some (siggimus is even tempted to use the phrase with knobs on, so there!)

oooooo mama!

these boys deserve all the success they are enjoying 🙂

mmm, siggimus remembers way back when, when sölvi came into hitt húsið with a cd & excitedly put it on, proud as a pickle. it was switchstance, a new sound in iceland

what was with all the hot midget chicks?

xXx [11 september 2002]

invites 400 people to a movie 🙂

erm… according to a few of those, it wasn’t actually a very nice thing to do

pissing [10 september 2002]


foreign rain

dejà vu! [9 september 2002]

whilst scouting for a wee place to hibernate in for the winter, siggimus comes across a little corner of latvia right in the centre of ole reykjavik

an old foreign chick speaking broken icelandic way too rapidly for anyone else to understand, shows siggimus into two seperate rooms that eerily resemble some of the palaces siggimus had the pleasure of inhabiting during his stay in otherwise pleasant latvija

in one room (ca. 5m*1,5m) der was an ugly couch (siggimus uses the word freely) approx. 30 years of age, a tv set & a fairly filthy shower

siggimus wasn’t quite over da shock of this room when old foreign chick drags him to da other 1: a dusty bed (again, siggimus stretches the english language to its furthest reaches), considerably older than that couch, a wobbly chair, a closet for clothing & a fridge, a kitchen sink & two hotplates all wrapped into one contraption

siggimus has a moment of sweet nostalgia & considers living in this hole for an instant before overcoming the sensation & being filled with disgust

small wonder old foreign chick was most eager to rent these two rubblous rooms to a gasping with wonder siggimus

welcomst [7 september 2002]

jonkurteiz welcomed back

most can’t be bothered to show up, but siggimus & iluks attend & make jonkurteiz feel welcomed

iluks’, sólon, kaffi list [extremely briefly!] & [insert surprise here] 22


dem’s painted the place in a scary, much brighter colour now!

now you can actually see all de other people 😐


sub [6 september 2002]

starring that icelandic feller, with some foreign dudes supporting

wrestling mail people [3 september 2002]

for some reason (siggimus suspects insanity, while cia involvement still hasn’t been ruled out), some mail people decided that siggimus doesn’t actually live where he thinks he lives so they start redirecting his mail hither & thither

some bits went to his last place of residence, which is sorta to be expected, but siggimus has to give them pots of credit for digging out an address that siggimus left early morning may 5th 2000.

siggimus hasn’t lived there for 1,5 years

still, the mail people thought it would be exceedingly clever to deliver all his mail there

mind u, this is only the stuff siggimus knows about

who knows what sort of correspondance might be puttering about in, say, latvia, being redirected from paltmales iela to that russian plavnieki place to some place else, back to talsu iela?

who knows, with such creative mail people

anyhoo, while it did take some convincing, siggimus did at last receive mail today

go creative iceland mail people!!

sp siggimus [2 september 2002]

how’s this for a siggimus?

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august 2002

karaoke of death [31 august 2002]

on way home from golf, siggimus is plagued with karaoke from hell on the bus

krissi & sibbi & óskar & gulli & dídí & björgvin torture the rest with their feeble attempts at singing


*prospect of constant nightmares*

golf!! [31 august 2002]


turns out siggimus is a natural at the thing

this is discovered at a tournament for the siggimus colleagues in úthlíð (biskupstungur) where it rains buckets of cats & dogs for hours on end until everything is soaking wet, even the golfballs

too bad it’s such a silly sport

otherwise siggimus’d be liable to take it up & be great at it

party [30 august 2002]

a wee party to bid adieu to the summer employees at work. siggimus uses it as a chance to wind down a bit after the tiring week

puha!! [30 august 2002]

thinking that the grand opening would mean a break or a few days of less stress was obviously a very silly conclusion

it’s been worse!!!

if this continues, siggimus will have his name changed back to kunta kinte

tratteraaaa! [26 august 2002]

grand opening of the latest siggimus wee project

puh! [24 august 2002]

frantic cleaning of house

woo-haa! [23 august 2002]

siggimus stops working for a bit to join some of the ole gang from uni for a feast at players (a joint that turns out to be a sports bar instead of a strip joint). having to wait while some silly buggers watch the end of some silly football match (none of the teams involved was fylkir, the only reason anyone should be interested in the silly sport at all)

anyhoo, addi was there & kolla & ágústa, of course. also dóra (who siggimus had ignobly forgotten all about :/), sigga & svava & anna kapitola. j & guðrún represented the teachers

also a few buggers siggimus doesn’t really know



gunnhildur 😐

now there’s a person whose existence siggimus could have done without being reminded of

*relaxing yoga stuff*

otherwise, siggimus has a wicked grand time

the incident [23 august 2002]

ok, ders dis man in a wheelchair in da bar. he has dis chick with him to push him around & kiss him

as things go in bars, this man got drunk in his wheelchair

as things go with drunk men in bars, they need to do #1

as things go with drunk men in wheelchairs in bars, they can’t stand up against them urinals. that’s one of the reasons they need them chicks around

as she drives him into the little boys’ room, she announces to all who want to know: ‘don’t worry boys! i’m not going to peek at your willies! just his!’

so, the chick whips out a little plastic container (bekken in icelandic :|) & then yanks out the feller’s pecker so he can go

they chat merrily during

mostly about football

afterwards, chick cleans bekken in wee sink & then dries it under the blower thingy


what siggimus wants to know is: where does siggimus sign up for a chick like that??!!?

again! [22 august 2002]

another 12 hour day

puh! [21 august 2002]

a huge big long 12 hour day leaves a siggimus tired

but extremely productive!

siggimus will unveil his latest project sometime around this weekend…

shrinks [20 august 2002]

the (probably) smallest reading group in da world grows even smaller

an attempt to enlarge it actually leads to it shrinking

hehe [18 august 2002]

‘i’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy’

asked how he would like to be remembered: ‘achievement is for senators and scholars. at one time i had ambitions but i had them removed by a doctor in buffalo. it started as cyst, it grew under my arm and i had to have new shirts made, it was awful. but i have them in a jar at home now’

asked how he attained his signature vocal style: ‘terry, i drink my own urine’

tom waits sure has a way with words 🙂

misses culture night [17 august 2002]

kinda on purpose. decides to retire from the world, take it easy with a few excellent flicks if you will

rents one, then sees another on tube (with subtitles in danish)

dang!! [16 august 2002]

almost gets to meet elma lísa

after all this time!! to miss out on an encounter like that because of a very important & exciting meeting


life most surely & indeed sucks, right?

instant bath [14 august 2002]

takes the instantest bath ever

scolding hot to boot

hmmm? [8 august 2002]

a slightly disappointed cripple doctor tells siggimus that his feet ain’t shorter than the other & both of them too long


siggimus was getting used to the thought of being a cripple

measured [6 august 2002]

siggimus is made to lie on a long ruler & x-rayed for to check which leg is how much longer than the other & which both of his feet’s too long

blah! [2-5 august 2002]

does practically nothing

oh, watches a flick or two


snooooooker [1 august 2002]

in a farewell ceremony for jonkurteiz — seeing him off kinda stuff — jds, iluks, ego & siggimus join old man river for the longest game of snooker since t. rex gave up the sport

siggimus actually hits a few of the little balls into some of them pocket thingies

siggimus ce héros

cripple!!! [1 august 2002]

one of [siggimus’] legs is shorter than the other| ‘n’ both [siggimus’] feet’s too long

to plagiphrase a lost genious

turns out siggimus is a cripple!! one of his legs is shorter than the other, which is on the other hand longer

could explain about 5 years worth of intermittent nightmarish backpains

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july 2002

holiday [31 july 2002]

joins bh & his little ‘uns on a trip to hvanneyri, siggif’s residence


now dat’s what siggimus calls fun. driving for an hour, listening to kiddie songs, den meeting with siggif, driving to hreðavatn for a wee hike

turns out dem kids is complete & utter brats

almost enough to turn a siggimus off kids forever!


when da gang gets back, steaks are thrown on the barbie & a delicious meal prepared. yummy!! *slurp!*

meeting [30 july 2002]

in da wee r-group

dis time held at berglind’s, who whips out mocha & homebaked bread & goodies

crapped on [28 july 2002]

strutting around downtown, going to feed the duck on the pond, siggimus is evilly & ignobly crapped on by a vile foul bird

damn thee, oh foul foul bird

where’s titus? [27 july 2002]

wanting to make amends, siggif invites siggimus to go see that single performance of titus, outdoors & stuff

siggif picks up siggimus at just after 18.00 hrs to feed him

takes siggimus to his grandma’s for a wee dish of delicious leftovers

then over to siggif’s for a bit of redwine

19.00. beep! beep! siggif takes a pic of siggimus with his one-time-use camera

“what say us heroes walk to the theatre?”

“sure, how long does it take?” “oh, about an hour”

“ah. siggimus just asks because the play starts in 40 mins”

“puh! they’re starting the play with a parade somewhere. we’ll just show up at where the play will actually be performed at 20.30. 21 even”

“oh, ok. as siggif says”

so, off is strutted & a bottle of red drunk en route

20.00. beep! beep! siggif takes a pic of lotsa busses with his one-time-use camera

dey gets to dat place at approx. 20.30 & start looking for a play or a parade. neither is openly apparent

so, dey decides to wait for this parade thing inside glaumbar

an hour & a few drinks pass. still no parade

21.00. beep! beep! siggif takes a pic of the insides of glaumbar with his one-time-use camera

so, at ca. 21.30 dey goes off in search of dat parade

de closest dey comes is finding a lot of people coming out of an amphitheatre of sorts

hmmmm? siggimus must wonder to himself

22.00. beep! beep! siggif takes a pic of lots of people coming out of titus with his one-time-use camera

well, at least they makes the premier party & get to have themselves a few brews

den dey trots over to tapas bar for a bit to eat

23.00. beep! beep! siggif tries to take a pic of the hotly waitress with the blonde hair down to her butt at the tapas bar with his one-time-use camera. she ain’t too happy about it

anyhoo, enough about that. suffice it to say that a lot of pubs were visited & a lot of drinking was done & a pic was taken on the hour every hour & still everybody was home at just over 2!!

pops over to siggif’s [26 july 2002]

even takes a taxi, because siggif sounds soo eager to see siggimus

& who can blame him? honestly?!!?

anyhoo, siggif on phone upon arrival

when done, he stands up & makes weewee in a bottle


well, dey chats for a bit before siggif gets up to get his bottle, takes it out to the balcony where a spooked siggimus sees him make weewee on plants & pour the contents on the bottle along with it

“whatthe#%$”????” exclaims siggimus surprisedly

“nitrates, man!” replies siggif, shaking his head at siggimus’ ignorance. “nitrates!”

“nothing like it for the plants, man!”

in the middle of a lecture on dry toilets & the terrible waste involved in flushing this precious stuff down the toilet, literally, siggif’s stumach sees fit to upset him a bit

this makes siggif get up & invite siggimus to sleep in da master bedroom (all by his lonesome, mind you!) because siggif prefers roughing it on a wee mattress

den siggif promptly falls asleep


precisely 59 mins have passed since siggimus got off dat 1st taxi when he gets in da oder 1

känner ni doften af råg? [25 july 2002]

siggimus will have to plead temporary insanity to the charges of going to see a play in swedish

temporary insanity & free tickets

anyhoo. despite barely understanding half, siggimus had quite a bit of fun. not bad, the bits that siggimus got

afterwards, the gang (b&j&f) go pubhopping

this has quite improved siggimus’ swedish

again!! [25 july 2002]

hottest doctor on planet calls siggimus again

this time to tell him there might actually be a bit wrong with him

well, it would explain a few things…

:'( [20 july 2002]

sometimes even the painfullest of truths must be accepted

dat darn neck costs siggimus a camping trip with 3 chicks


wild night [19 july 2002]

showing up at 1900 hrs as discussed, siggimus manages to shock jds, who hadn’t even contemplated taking a shower yet

well, der’s pizza & the macallan & beer & a lot of chatting

den downtown in othorvaldsson’s agricultural machine for a beer at nelly’s. den over to kaffibarinn for an 8 second stop before heading over to — surprise!! — 22

watches da gang wiggle der for a bit before heading off to a rendez-vous with the viðeygoers at thorvaldsen bar

all cheer at sight of siggimus, who then goes & orders a double 10yo glengoyne


& who appears outta nowhere?!!?

jóhanna!! screaming something about not forgetting her

siggimus promises not to

promises to keep the dream alive

jóhanna lives in our hearts

den over to kaffi list, where þorri is can be found, looking like a mix between i am sam & someone drinking for da first time. den found again discussing the need for more ships in switzerland with dat director feller, jonni

jonkurteiz!! [19 july 2002]

jonkurteiz shows up at siggimus work & cheats him out of a certainty trip to viðey with colleagues & into a wild night of pizza & alcohol w/ him & da gang

sms from kolla! [19 july 2002]

an invitation to go camping in arnarstapi w/ 3 chicks


how can a siggimus be expected to say no to that??!?

phone call from dr. hot chick!! [18 july 2002]

she calls to tell siggimus in her hot-chicky voice that he ain’t about to kick no bucket

she cares!!


röntgen [18 july 2002]

siggimus poses for a few sexy pics

all decent, mind you!

never took dat pink robe off…

bus ride from hell [18 july 2002]


like a sardine in a tiny little tin, siggimus almost gets squashed on bus going to work

der had to be at least 300 people on dat ting!

…well, little, teenaged mini-people, but still!

sweet lord [17 july 2002]

there she is again..!


ooo la la! [15 july 2002]

sweet mama!!

mmmm, that is one hot little doctor chick!

siggimus should be ill more often 😀

flicks again [13 july 2002]

this time same director, different chick

also, a golden oldie

back to work [10 july 2002]

well, ‘work’ would have to be considered an overstatement


flick [9 july 2002]

going silly with boredom & having poked his eyes ’till it hurt, siggimus gives up & goes out to find something to wile away the time

it comes in the form of two movies; 1 of’em featuring one of the hottest chicks in moving pictures dese years & da oder 1, erm… well, siggimus forgets *blush*

dis ain’t funny no more [9 july 2002]



now siggimus gots to make some calls

hmmm? [8 july 2002]

what’s this?!

da siggimus ill?

unfit for work??

da aliens must be afoot

heading homeward [7 july 2002]


da airmattress was airless again, but go figure…

siggimus famously fast at packing his tent & somehow after a few hours of wrangling, all the baggage fits into da car again. den da car is pointed toward reykjavik & off is speeded


after about 10 minutes of digging da spare tire is reached & consequently screwed on in place of da punctured one

rest of trip goes well. quite a nice place, dat systrakaffi in klaustur

yikes! siggimus hikes! [6 july 2002]

the plan was for being off at 7.30 & back at around 19.30 to fire up da barbie

waking up at 10, a new plan was instantly forged & a shorter route found: bæjarstaðaskógur instead of kjós

well, a lot of sweat was sweated

& that was indeed a delightful little forest

after a bit of stretching, the barbie is fired up & lots of stuff thrown on it & then eaten

just before party dies out, minna decides to join & keep it going

that is one charming cow! go minna!!

off dey goes! [5 july 2002]

siggimus takes off from work at noon in order to pack & get ready for da big trip!

has to wait a bit, but eventually a wee gang shows up to pick him up: kolla, steinn (da rock?) & arna. siggimus’ luggage pushed into car with shoehorn & off dey goes!

happy trails! except for the bit where it rains two cats & a dog

anyhoo, dey don’t turn around despite distrusting declarations of gústa that it is not raining in skaftafell, where they meet up with a bunch of people from da police & immigration

well, tents are tented, hikes are planned & people are gotten to know & beer is drunk & glacier is walked to but seems to have shrunk & disappeared behind a very cold river

yea!! [4 july 2002]

like a dream come true, siggimus gets a call from kolla, who invites him on a camping weekend in skaftafell, interspersed with a bit of hiking

party party party!!!

doesn’t get tiny fridge [3 july 2002]

an attempt to exchange the boing coupons siggimus managed to wrangle from the siggimus mom for a wee refrigirator fails

dey ran out


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june 2002

weds korlyx [29-30 june 2002]

journeys for six hours in rented humongous jeep along with hr. snillingur — jón & auður & gunnso&elma & sellert all the way to the other side of the country

all of this to wed korlyx to the love of his life in a tiny church & eat some scrumptious potatoes & a bit of cake & signing guestbook

then catches some z’s in wet sleeping bag before awakening & climbing out of the puddle & into jeep for another unsuccessful attempt at sleeping

when all the gang is awake, the jeep is turned around & headed back


well, at least siggimus won the tenting competition by miles

paradise [27 june 2002]

takes day off from work to join b & selda (da ugly fat midget) on a wee journey to paradise

this paradise has been hidden from siggimus by wicked & evil people forever. anyhoo, it is located in reykjadalur, in the hengill area

ooooooo mama!!

what a beautiful day!! the greatest company, the greatest weather, the greatest place

hiking (still not over dat bug), sunbathing, looking at cool scenery, bathing in a river with two hot chicks

what else could a siggimus want?!!?


mountains [23 june 2002, 0.19]

just after midnight, siggif & siggimus reach the summit

through perseverence, endurance, hard work, quite a lot of panting & a number of breaks, úlfarsfell (270 m, at least!) is conquered

sitting on top of the world like that makes a siggimus feel majestic. these are the moments that make one wonder: are there no limits to human achievement?

& of course one finds that there are at least no limits to siggimus achievements, for siggimus merely wants to jog down again & trot on over to the next mountain & head upwards

this is like a bug

next up, mosfell was there

making it merely another challenge for seasoned mountaineers like siggimus

the adventurers merrily trot up the intimidating 154 m of sheer cliff

now, time for bed for weary but content heroes

the time is 3.32 & da sun is up

[oh yeah, the reason esja was left unconquered this time around was that it was cloudy & foggy down to the middle]

mountain [22 june 2002]

siggif picks siggimus up at 23.15 for to go climb a mountain (esja, approx. 800m)

wisdom of da day [21 june 2002]

“det kan føre til de frygteligeste ting, når folk, som ikke er vant til det, tænker sig om”
-leopold meyer

duh! [20 june 2002]

well, predictably that little squirt of a heatwave has buggered off again

fuck fuck fuck! [19 june 2002]

having taken a two day sabbatical for june 17th, the freakish heatwave seems to be returning

pynchon [18 june 2002]

but siggimus is a bad boy & hasn’t finished it 😐

june 17th celebrated [17 june 2002]

goes downtown with andri, holding him up to see the acts, saying no to him a million times when he asked for money

then stands around to watch him in inflatable hoppingcastles

hardly rained at all, for june 17…

another dose of the dynamic duo [16 june 2002]

back to siggif’s for another dose of him & bjössi

gots to watch out not to overdo it

b&s [15 june 2002]

is invited to siggif’s place

decides to invite bjössi along with him for a wee stroll down memory lane

watches football!![15 june 2002]

of all things!

at da movies, at work

invites bjössi, of all people

el prumpos pissos [14 june 2002]

not quite what siggimus had hoped it would be, but a few laughs

melts [11 june 2002]

fuck fuck fuck!

siggimus has never experienced this sort of temperature

godddamn it! siggimus barely manages to sit for 5 mins in office before passing out

yea!! [9 june 2002]

cow & chicken!

been way longer 😀

interesting [8 june 2002]


doesn’t quite succeed, but an excellent attempt nonetheless

yea! [8 june 2002]


been a while 🙂

doesn’t visit jds [8 june 2002]

in fnjóskadalur because othorvaldsson is a woman & a faggott & chickened out of going in his otherwise excellent agricultural machine of a car

jds won’t be happy about this!

barbecues! [7 june 2002]

siggimus is given apron & funny hat & tied to barbecue & told to keep busy baking hamburgers at summer festival at work

afterwards finally accepts an invitation from bjössi the count

& finally gets the tour of house & puters & remote controls & a wee bit of the bad cognac

real impressive stuff

siggimus ir kustigs!! [4 june 2002]

new address would be

álftahólar 4, 7a
111 reykjavik

as for telephones, +354 695 5884 is still in operation whilst +354 551 1179 has been temporarily decommissioned

cleaning & cleaning [3 june 2002]

& cleaning!

moving & moving [2 june 2002]

& moving!

packing & packing [2 june 2002]

& packing!

🙁 [1 june 2002]

siggimus hates moving

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may 2002

jds’ b-day [31 may 2002]

well, of course it Fan isn’t for another week, but a cold & nose-blowing jds doesn’t let that stop him in inviting the posse over for a few drinks

jb remembered [29 may 2002]

5th anniversary of his death

“my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder”

almost loses lucky stone [29 may 2002]

or rather, does lose it

finds it again on way home, using x-ray vision, telepathy & acute sense of smell

malcolm [28 may 2002]


it’s been a while

jenni!! [26 may 2002]


meets jenni, who’s here for a few days, for beer at uncle tom’s cabin

she’s great, sends her love to all

starts packing [26 may 2002]

this kustiging stuff is getting a wee bit tired…

well, could be worse

returns [25 may 2002]

in order to keep da evil party out in the cold in reykjavik with his deciding vote

putters about with sheep [18-25 may 2002]


more shortly

leaves [18 may 2002]

like a tree

never to return until the 25th

finally! [16 may 2002]

siggimus actually takes down the christmas decorations from the 2001 balcony


group [15 may 2002]

despite only 66.67% attendance, the session is a great success!

sobbeggi afi dissected

more pffft!! [14 may 2002]

takes danni to see that clone thing again

lodging apríl [9 may 2002]

taken care of for the summer

*sigh of relief!*

back still hurts like hell, though…

goddammit! [9 may 2002]

feels like siggimus has been beaten by big strong evil men with juicy oranges in smelly socks

eeek!! [9 may 2002]

almost gets stuck in the fucking bathtub when taking his hangovershower

just barely makes it out using his inhuman powers of will & strength

ouch [9 may 2002]


siggimus can hardly walk!

siggimus must say that febrúar bouncing about in circles on the back of huge animals that could kill you if the idea crossed their mind only to fall off & get really hurt is just not his cup of tea

or coffee, or espresso or anything, for that matter

siggimus does not recommend

does not recommend at all…

let’s leave it to the professionals

season’s end [8 may 2002]

in order to celebrate the end of futbol season (siggimus finished 4th!! :D), futbol gang decides to go out horseyriding

siggimus is not much of a rider, but accepts the challenge

all goes well, until siggimus’ horsey (actually called galsi! scary, eh?) starts galloping (or world! as siggimus prefers to call it, goes into 3rd gear) down a hilly thing

the little ridealong chicks scold siggimus for falling off on the wrong side of the horsey, pointing out that it woulda been much softer on the other side

siggimus begs their forgiveness & tries to point out that while it may have looked like janúar he was considering which side of the horsey would be better for ramming into mother earth just before he fell, what he was actually up to was panicking big time & being scared shitless

anyhoo, siggimus is commended on how fast he climbs back on horsey & rides on, despite being a bit sore on the left backside, just above the butt from the fall

siggimus never falls off again & survives the rest of the trip

then on to some sort of living room in a stable, where penalty beer is drunk & songs http://www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com are sung & pizza is eaten & men are called faggots & poor horseys are petted & drunk is gotten


pffft! [7 may 2002]

how do you spell anachronism?

well, at least that annoying dude with the big ears wasn’t around much

hmm, that padme amidala chick doesn’t travel very light, does she? always has a new outfit around, suitable for just that occasion. & she usually also has someone around to put buns in her hair

pssst! siggimus has some advice for her: watch out for that anakin feller. siggimus has a very uneasy feeling about him. like, up to no good, he is

curse [6 may 2002]

a delightful little curse ?


siggimus’ assistance sought [5 may 2002]

not surprisingly, siggimus has been contacted by one of the makers of history (or his wife, Online well widow, rather), for assistance

more shortly

gnarr [3 may 2002]

takes b to see jón gnarr in his new show


especially the bit ???? about the cops & the dude at customs that has a gun, but is really just out to see jón’s underwear

inga! [2 may 2002]

having gotten a text msg from Buying her earlier today, siggimus goes whatthefuck & calls his favourite inga in the whole wide world

real good to hear from her again ?

but dangnabbit! that musta cost two arms & an ear!

kicks butt [2 may 2002]

siggimus finally shows what he’s made of at futbol

kicking this ass & that

ending the season on a proper note…

man who wasn’t there [1 may 2002]



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april 2002

whoa! [28 april 2002]

so hung over that siggimus rents starwars i

otherwise does nothing

absolutely nothing

yearshightide! [27 april 2002]


that was fun!

the siggimus & keg play went off most excellently & most people seemed happy ?

good job, siggimus, keg, sif & bergmann!!

*pat on back of self*

preparations [22-26 april 2002]

4 da yearshightide


works off a sweat ’till all hours! making books & airline tickets & checklists & then distributing the lot!

thank god for dat beach ball. it has kept siggimus sane…

seyma’s b-day [21 april 2002]

sends her an sms ?

misses sis’s b-day [20 april 2002]

being busy at work & preparing for the yearshightide (burning cds like a mo-fo), siggimus misses sis’ b-day & has to endure tales of several cake monsters devouring all the good stuff


anna karenina [19 april 2002]

hmm *frown*

not quite engrossing enough, eh?

some excellent ideas on how to port long passages of book to a short scene on stage, but in the end, siggimus wasn’t all that impressed

fun day at work!! [19 april 2002]


siggimus has funnest day ever at work strutting around with his complimentary yearshightide inflatable beach ball

having come across siggimus in 5 different locations all over the building during her newcomer tour, there is now a brand new chick at work who probably thinks siggimus’ soul purpose is to take care of the company’s inflatable beach ball

flogging [18 april 2002]

siggimus & team get a royal flogging at football, in a match that brings new meaning to the word ‘losing’

preparations & reading group [17 april 2002]

after 8 busy hours of work, siggimus has to stay behind to start all-important preparations for the yearshightide at work; a party to end all parties

printing out little books, sticking stickers on little packages, selecting perky music

den shows up for first meeting in small reading group almost an hour late

b & krumma fairly pissed, but forgive siggimus eventually

fuck!! [14 april 2002]

man! siggimus has what is probably his worst bus-related incident ever

waiting for washing machine to finish, siggimus manages to just miss the bus

sits, waits for ca. 20 mins for the next one. di dey da dum

still reasonably calm

*bounce, bounce, bounce*

*tap, tap tap*

driving into the bus stop where he changes buses some 30 mins later, siggimus sees #12 driving away, thinking, well, siggimus’ll just catch some other one. still no foaming at the mouth

30 mins later, as #12 is about to leave again, a fairly furious siggimus figures he musta misunderstood something or other a little bit


it took siggimus 1,5 hours to travel these 5-6 km

siggimus woulda gotten there faster walking!

siggimus woulda saved pots of money (& several tons of aggravation) taking a taxi!

a cow woulda gotten there faster walking!!

elin [13 april 2002]

being in town, elin finds the time to drop in on siggimus a bit, checking out his place & delivering his order of 12yo the macallan


for a final touch before she leaves, elin makes use of the restroom facilities

siggimus is practically brought to tears when he notices that she has left the seat up & the light on

mmmm, just like old haremy times…

booooooooooooogie! [12 april 2002]

starting out with a bit of force-fed beer, the compass is Ctvrtek then pointed in general direction of snorri’s place for a wee bit of work-related boogie

upon the discovery that snorri has no keys to the premises, he expertly slithers through the kitchen window like a snake, & boogie is begun

soon a guitar is dug out & snorri & bjössi greifi & óli take turns plucking at that thing with the rest of the gang singing at the top of their lungs, quite a few going hoarse along the way

concert [10 april 2002]

siggimus generously invites b & elin to concert with his ‘vip+2’ pass

great to see elin again! she’s designing some sort of cultural mall on arnarhóll

…or maybe not?

anyhoo, dikta, lúna & bris try & entertain the lot & do a fair job of it

mayonesa [9 april 2002]

mayonesa que yo bato como simple mayonesa no se ni como me llamo ni donde vivo…nime interesa

*wiggle wiggle*

mayonesa mayonesa!

torture never stops! [8 april 2002]

velkomin í myndatöku — til að byrja — notið rétta mynt

& then on bus siggimus is hit by toni effing braxton’s unbreak my heart

what has siggimus done to deserve this?!?

& björk, of course… [7 april 2002]

siggimus mingles with the jet set, going to a world premiere of that thing

gots to say it was not what he had hoped for

a bit confusing…


young [7 april 2002]

one night, gordon offered to cook chicken stew for young on his tour bus, named after his song ‘pocahontas’. as she cooked, young sat adjusting a toy train set, another of his long-term obsessions. he has 750ft of track laid out at broken arrow and in 1995 he bought a toy company, lionel trains, to help him communicate his passion to his son, ben, who has cerebral palsy. young reconfigures the electronics to provide auditory and visual feedback: sound and movement that stimulates interaction with his son

‘part of the train set was a model cow that made moo-ing noises,’ laughed gordon. ‘and neil wasn’t happy with the cow sound. he didn’t think it was realistic enough. so he kept fiddling with the electronics. he’d then get the cow to moo, and he’d ask us what we thought. was it realistic enough? did it need some more work? what was wrong? he was at it for an hour or so. it was amazing how a toy cow could maintain his interest for so long’

hmm? siggimus doesn’t find it amazing at all…


sniff, sniff [4 april 2002]

strange buggers downstairs have put out the birdcage for their squeaky parrot

little elephant family upstairs has taken the big inflatable santa out of the window

siggimus seriously considering taking christmas decorations off balcony

anyone else smell spring in the air?

almost fooled [1 april 2002]

siggimus hears pj has wed

just before siggimus pulls trigger, someone shouts “april fool’s day!”

Categorized as old diary

maí 2001

gott kaffi!! [26 maí 2001]

í tilefni heimsendis (sjá enskt alías dagbókar, siggamussins nennir hreint ómögulega að yfirsetja…) rauk siggimus til & fjárfesti í mokkakönnu mikilli

hver vill ilmandi nýtt siggamussins espressó?

er siggimus kannski annasigga? [25 maí 2001]

er siggamus var í hringt & önnusiggu umbeðið í triljónasta skipti, tók siggimus að spöklera hvort hann mögulega ætti til eitt alteregóið ellegar klofinn persónuleikann enn & aukreitis

‘jú, það er hún,’ svarar siggimus sigurviss


‘víst er þetta annasigga! þekkiru önnusiggu ekki?’

‘ne-ei, siggimus er ekkert annasigga,’ sagði hún, ekki alveg eins sikker & í fyrra skiptið


‘akkuru eru þá allir að hringja í siggamus & kalla siggamus önnusiggu?’

frauka átti engin svör við stórum spurningum siggamuss

en sú stærsta hangir enn í loftinu & suðar eins& fiskifluga: sannar þetta eitthvað?

enn eykst hróður siggamuss [24 maí 2001]

siggamus hefir nálgast úkraínskur skáldsagnahöfundur & beiðst aðstoðar við verk sitt

siggimus mun ljá englum hans íslenskar raddir

pínu tjútt & fagn [23 maí 2001]

til að halda pínupons uppá daginn bauð siggimus nokkrum vel völdum drykkjusvolum í slotið & drakk með þeim øl

fjandakornið að andrea j eigi rassgat í ólapalla eða dodda litla!

samt lukkaðist nú siggamusi að sýna nokkra fornfræga takta á gólfinu dansins

meira [23 maí 2001]

ekki að það eigi að koma nokkurri lifandi sálu á óvart sem hefir á siggamus heyrt minnst, en siggamusi var boðin ný vinna

nú var siggimus alsæll í gömlu vinnunni, en þessi sona leitaði hann uppi & potaði í hann & kitlaði hann & sagði viltu vera memm með voða getnó röddu, svo siggamus brast þrek til að berjast í mót

siggimus í klípu & illt í efni: hvort skal velja djobb með vaðirí í leðju uppað eyrum & vöðvaglenningum & skóflusveiflingum ellegar puntudjobb sem þarf að vinna í jakkafötum eins& mörgæs?

siggimus fer í bað & mörgæsabúning í júlí

hallelúja! [20 maí 2001]

bjór er svo sannarlega mjöður ossra guðanna

þjóðhátíð í norge & siggimus eykur við frægð & frama í búlgaríu [17 maí 2001]

loksins & eftir langa mæðu heldur noregur upp á þjóðhátið & siggimus verður heimsfrægur um alla búlgaríu yfir nótt

það verður þó í allri sanngirni að takast fram að þetta hefir staðið til um skeið hjá norðmönnum & kemur því ekki öllum á óvart

siggimus hefir einnegin bakvið tjald plottað innrás í búlgaríu í samkrulli við hátt skrifaðan umba sinn þar (sem án tvímæla ber af öðrum austurevrópuagentum siggamuss)

nemahvað, hannibal hafði það af að komast á búlgarskt prent í þeirri mikilsvirtri & hátt skrifaðri púbblíkasjón sem starshel er, en því hefir einmitt hlotnast þessi mikilsvirtingur & háttskrifaðingur fyrir að birta í sí & æ hverja brakandi snillina á fætur annarri á sviði húmors & satíru í þau heilu 50 ár sem það hefur komið út (þrátt fyrir hingaðtil skammarlega lítið af siggamusi)

siggimus er stoltur af að hafa þarna slegið flugu í höggi: hópur nóbelsverðlaunahafa & annarra mikilsverðra manna slóst í þessu í för með siggamusi

til marks um óefanlega snilld siggamuss má þess til gamans geta að ritstjórinn rauk í ofboði í næsta síma við það að fá söguna í hönd & hringdi á flogakenndan hátt í siggamuss agent & beiddist þess auðmjúklega að siggimus tæki þátt í samkeppni (kompetisjón) þeirri frægri sem þeir aleko 2001 kjósa að nefna

fyrir listræna hönd siggamuss, þáði agent snimmendis. meira seinna

höfundarlaunin, heilar 250 spírur ganga til að fjármagna væntanlegt safn siggamuss, siggimus eum

langi yður að rifja upp etv ryðgaða búlgörsku með stækkunargleri, býður siggimus yður að finna jarteikn þar um. siggimus hefir fyrir yðar haganleiks merkt við þar sem stendur siggimus & ísland, & aftur þar sem stendur hannibal er rauð lína

allir vilja siggamus [14 maí 2001]

allir & frændi hans virðast nýverið hafa fundið hjá sér ódrepandi áhuga til að fá siggamus til að ritstýra einkurum skollanum fyrir sig

siggimus fór í vellukkað viðtal um að ritstýra dóti

meira innan skamms

lætur á kenningu reyna [12 maí 2001]

í tilraun til að láta á kenningu nýsmíðaða (‘nýja kenningin um bjórdrykkju’) reyna gerir siggimus heiðarlega & að sumu leyti lukkaða tilraun til að halda út að góna á þau ósköp sem eru júróvísjón með því að drekkja um leið sem flestum af skynfærum sínum í freyðandi øli

siggamussins uppáhaldsi gekk sem von er & vísa vel

mumiy troll lenti í flottu 12ta sæti með lag sem hljómar býsnin öll eins& megnið af þeirra mússík (utan engilsaxneskt ljóðið sem varð öðrum keppendum fótur um fjöt), en á einkurn vladivostoskan máta komast þeir kauðar upp með þetta eins& glæponar, ekki svo ýkja ólíkt prata vetra/brainstorm

víst var ingjaldur á rauðum skóm & smíðar kenningar um bjór [11 maí 2001]

siggimus slær stefanv & óskar í för með síns & heldur sem leið liggur að berja augum nýjasta hugverk hugleiksara, víst var ingjaldur á rauðum skóm. jóhanns rumpur mikla vekur lukku

heldur þvínæst beinustuleið að næsta bjór, á hverri beinustuleið iluks nokkur slæst í för

setið á rökstólum & kenningar um galdurinn sem liggur í síðustu 2-3 sopunum af bjór no. 2 fram settar; þetta er bjórinn sem gerir karlmann kenndan & lætur karlmann langa í meira ljúft øl & lauslátara kvenfólk & fleira ýmislegt ílanganlegt

komust kumpánar ískyggilega nálægt því að smíða haganlega gerða kenningu sem kemur til með að breyta hugsanagangi vísindasamfélagsins eins& þið þekkið það í umræðum um hvort frávik eins& að drekka tröllabjór (1l) eða kellingabjór (0,33l) fokki upp bjórkarmanu sem verður tvímælalaust að vera í fullu jafnvægi við umheim til að glaðar stundir geti ást & geti valdið katastrófum á borð við þá að bjórdrekkandi missi ráð & rænu á undan áætlun ellegar að hann upplifi þá verstu martröð bjórdrekkjanda: að finna aldregi á síns [hér sé hrollur]

ekki fara langt

siggimus & félagar í kenningasmíð hafa hafist handa við smíð þakkarræðna þeirra sem haldnar verða við móttöku nóbelsverðlauna

kaffi & krossgáta [6 maí 2001]

siggimus sýnir & sannar að hann hefir engu gleymt

svolgrar í sig pressukönnu af eðalkaffi & rumpaði af krossgátu á undir sex sigur rósar lögum af ágætis byrjun

fann mas villu í krossgátu!!

tsk! tsk! skammastín lesbók!

amæli & tinnitus [5 maí 2001]

dj óli palli virðist hafa smitað siggamus af tinnitus, sem er kannski mússíggurinnar virði? allt einkuddnveginn orðið nefmælt, meiraðsegja vatn að sjóða

1 árs amæli exóduss siggamuss frá landi elds&ísa fejrað með timburmönnum undir meðallagi & heimsókn í ikea. siggimus mælir svo um að aldrei skuli farið í ikea án timburmanna ellegar tinnituss meðferðis

einkurir annars ágætir vöðvar í siggamussins hálsi virðast hafa farið ílla útúr dansæfingu

barbíkjú [4 maí 2001]

jóhann býður til barbíkjús

siggimus 2001 hefir sína regnhlífina magnaða meðferðis til v&v

horfði illilega á kauða sem gerði sín stykki á mogwai eftir trúarlega upplifun þá sem voru tónleikar

siggimus þvínæst kíkir á 22 með stefanv í halarófu & dansar sem 3 óðir menn væri í 2 klst

siggimus segull? [3 maí 2001]

siggimus orðinn segull á fögur sænsk fljóð?

etv koma tvær til!!

siggimus á góðar stundir íhugandi sænska haremið siggamuss tilvonandi

sænsk frauka slæst í hóp með siggamusi! [2 maí 2001]

siggimus rétt búinn að taka upp 3 stöff þegar kemur bara sænskt fljóð & slæst í hóp!!

u, hvort ætli sé betra: að siggimus misþyrmi sænsku ellegar þegi ella?

sumsé, ekki vera hissa ef sænskt fljóð svarar í símanr siggamuss & alsekki örvænta

siggimus flytur [1 maí 2001]

loks flytur siggimus af stofugólfi í slott (altoflangtsíðansíðast!). pakkar saman sínu stöffi & flytur til reykjavíkur í amk 4 mánuði

á þíns ísskáp að gefa siggamusi? eða lítinn & lausan bakaraofn?

ný adresa:

101 reykjavík

siggimus býður nýja nágranna, olikr, korlyx, stefanv, iluks &fl, velkomna & lofar eðalkaffi fyrir kurja heimsókn

siggimus vill nota þetta tækifæri & vettvang & bjóða sitt gamla & heittelskaða símanr velkomið heim aftur eftir útlegð í höndum stefanv. allir saman nú: XXX XXXX velkomið heim aftur!!

siggimus syndir um af yndi í því litla mússíggi sem hann er með nú þegar & getur hlýtt á til friðs

…mmm, siggamussins mússígg…

apríl 2001

skundað á þingvöll [29 apríl 2001]

& heit treyst hægri vinstri

krummunnar & daníelsins & árórunnar bjóða siggamussins með í smárúnt til þingvalla

sumbl [28 apríl 2001]

boði jóhanns um sumbl tekið með þökkum

sumblað fram eftir morgni með skúla & jóhanns & valdísi & önunnar

doddi litli spilaði fína mússík sem var skemmtileg tilbreyting frá píkupoppinu á nelly’s

siggimus flytur! [27 apríl 2001]

þökk sé stefanv (sem er hetja), hyggur siggimus á flutninga í bráð!

vill einkur lána siggamusi ísskáp?

eða sófa sem virkar?

hvað með ofn?

(u, sona til að baka dót með)

höfnun! [23 apríl 2001]

siggamusi hafnað sem skáldi!!

hrmpf! en hvað vita einkurir búlgarskir kjánar sosum?

siggimus kominn með umba! [22 apríl 2001]

siggimus er kominn með umba, sem berst eins& ljón fyrir framgangi siggamuss & gjörir veg hans sem mestan á alla kanta. reynir að troða í vinnu & koma skáldskap á framfæri

nú er hannibal sumsé líka til á búlgörsku & verður boðinn fjölmiðlum í þeirri mynd. siggimus vinnur að því að birta þessa útgáfu líka hér, jabbel opna búlgarska deild á vef siggamus? ha? væri þaðiggi gaman?

sumar!! [19-22 apríl 2001]

til að halda uppá sumarkomu fór siggimus útúr bænum & hafði með sér famílíuna alla. gengið í kerið & mallað í potti & drukkinn bjór & the glenlivet


fluga + útitekt [17 apríl 2001]

siggimus sá flugu!!

& hélt áfram að verða útiteknari & útiteknari. hvað er með þetta veður??!? eriddiggi ísland eða hvað?

lukkaðist loks [16 apríl 2001]

önnur tilraun til að sjá lalla johns lukkaðist svona skríkjandi vel hjá siggamussins. hafði með sér stefanv sem endranær & iluks sem eldaði gúllassúpu úr nautahakki fyrst & gaf öllum

myndin náttúrla svínvirkar

fjallganga [15 apríl 2001]

siggimus klifraði næstum uppá fjall

náði að beiðast undan þeirri bón siggaf að klifra uppá esjuna sökum bágs knés. fengu kumpánar sér í staðinn spásítúr niðrí elliðárhólma & spjall í kaupbæti fyrir lítið

hananú! [11 apríl 2001]

á dauða kjúklings átti siggimus von en ekki tralli!

hitti stefanv, jds, skara & bjössa. ágætt bara

enn & aftur fyrirspurt [11 apríl 2001]

‘halló! viljiði plís segja siggamusi meira um djobbið, plís?’

svar við svari svars [11 apríl 2001]

‘við gera próf fyrir siggamus. svo við ?????? tala’

næstum gengið [11 apríl 2001]

eftir ævintýralegan flótta af galeiðu gærdagsins getur siggimus næstum gengið. jafnar sig smámsaman eftir því sem álíður rólegum degi

þræll [10 apríl 2001]

siggimus hnepptur í þrældóm

en brúkar tækifærið & verður útiteknari & útiteknari

vann mas á stuttermabol í 15 mín

nánar [9 apríl 2001]

að því er gefur að skilja á informanti siggamuss (díp þrót) virðist sem siggimus hafi óvart sótt um einkura ritstjórastöðu yfir einkurum áranum hjá einkuru vikulegu dagblaði sem heitir kapital í búlgaríu

enn fyrirspurt/svar svars [9 apríl 2001]

‘u, áðuren siggimus pakkar draslinu & kaupir flugmiða vill hann kannski vita kurjum áranum hann á að ritstýra í búlgaríunni, ha?’

svar við fyrirspurn [9 apríl 2001]

heyrðu! siggimus sótti barasta óvart um einkura ritstjórastöðu í yfir einkurum áranum í búlgaríu

‘kunar kemur siggamussins til búlgaríu, plís?’


beibin fundin [8 apríl 2001]

beibin sem siggimus leitaði að 9. febrúar fundin!

hafa líkast til aldrei í breiðholtslaug komið, en þeim mun oftar í  árbæjarlaug þar sem þær glenna sína bossa & dilla sínum brjóstum á einkar lystaukandi máta

íslenski draumurinn [7 apríl 2001]

sá loksins íslenska drauminn

stóð undir væntingum & vel það. áfram íslenski draumurinn

fyrirspurt [4 apríl 2001]

sendir emil til að fyrirspyrja um djobb

vinna! [3 apríl 2001]

slóst í för með jónasi, gústa gamla & gumma í baráttunni við ljót hekk reykjavíkur

athyglisvert að sólbrenna í dag, en verða úti í kafaldsbyl daginn eftir (næstum)

ú á ljót hekk!

næstum í bíó [2 apríl 2001]

tilraun til að sjá lalla johns í bíó klikkaði eilítið þarsem stefanv meðreiðarsveinn var hálfsofandi þegar siggimus mætir til að týna hann upp

ekki síst stuð fyrir siggamus sem óð eld & brennistein stígvélslaus til að komast

fréttir af starfi [2 apríl 2001]

einkur í soffíu, búlgaríu að leita að siggamusi í vinnu. þarf að kunna ískensku & ensku